Membership in

The daughters of the Cincinnati

Membership in the Daughters of the Cincinnati is by invitation only to any woman over the age of eighteen having an ancestor who served as an officer in the Continental Army, Continental Navy, Continental Marines, the French Royal Army, and the French Royal Navy during the American Revolutionary War (1775 – 1783).

Candidates must be proposed by a member of the Daughters and seconded by another member. Unlike the Society of the Cincinnati, the Daughters of the Cincinnati allows more than one member to represent an eligible ancestor. In addition, members of the Society of the Cincinnati may propose their daughters and granddaughters.

Applicants for membership must submit genealogical proof of their descent, which will be verified by the Daughters’ genealogist. The Daughters does not accept DAR or other lineages; the prospective candidate must provide the required proofs of her lineage. In addition to the list of ancestors of the Daughters of the Cincinnati, the following references provide information about officers who served during the war:

  • Allen, Gardner W., A Naval History of the American Revolution
  • De Contenson, Baron Ludovic, La Société des Cincinnati de France et la Guerre d’Amérique 1778-1783
  • Heitman, F.B., Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During The War of The Revolution
  • Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, Combattants Français de la Guerre Américaine 1778-1783

The Daughters of the Cincinnati has its headquarters in New York City; we do not have individual state societies or offices. Currently, we have members in thirty-seven states and ten foreign countries.


  • Yearly Dues $200
    (Under 35 $100)
  • One-time Initiation Fee: $500
  • Verification of the application: $200

Review our Roster of Ancestors, a list of officers who served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

photo of the insignia ribbon and medal of the Daughters of Cincinnati