Our Mission

The Daughters of the Cincinnati is a not-for-profit society founded in 1894 by women descended from commissioned officers who served under George Washington in the American Revolution’s Continental Armed Forces or in the French Royal Forces. To honor their ancestors’ service and sacrifice, the Society awards academic scholarships to daughters of career commissioned officers in the United States Armed Forces and supports the preservation of American Revolutionary War history through education and patriotic service.

The Origin of the Society of the Cincinnati

George Washington was the first president of the Society of the Cincinnati, founded in 1783.  Its name was derived from that of the Roman general, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus, who was called from his farm in 458 B.C. and again in 439 B.C. to assume the dictatorship of Rome and the command of its army. After victory was won and the safety of Rome assured, he returned to his plow. Original members of the Society of the Cincinnati were American officers of the Continental Army, Navy and Marines, and French officers of the French Royal Army and Navy who had served three years, died in service, or until the end of the Revolution.  They banded together to continue friendships made during the war, to aid the more unfortunate among them, and to assist the families of fallen comrades. Each member contributed one month’s pay towards these purposes.

the Daughters of the Cincinnati and the Scholarships

The Daughters of the Cincinnati was incorporated as a Society in 1894 by a group of women descendants of Revolutionary officers, one of its objects being “to advance and encourage investigation and study of the history of the Revolution…and to instill into the minds of the rising generations, a knowledge of, and reverence for, the inspired wisdom …and unswerving determination which successfully carried on the struggle for Liberty.” To this end, the first Scholarship Fund was established in 1906 for the daughters of United States Army and Navy officers.  The fund and the number of scholarships have increased over the years and are now available to daughters of career commissioned officers in all our Armed services.  Our scholars are selected on the basis of academic achievement and excellence in extracurricular activities. The scholarships are awarded for four years; the amount of the award varies according to need.

2024 Officers
of the Society

President: Mrs. John A. Wayt, III

Vice President: Mrs. Blair Webster Smith

Secretary: Mrs. Alfred T. Ogden, II

Treasurer: Mrs. Mark Mascheroni

Registrar: Mrs. William S. Haddock, Jr.

Scholarship: Mrs. Mike Marcus Donatelli

Historian: Mrs. Porter Fleming